2BHK 662 Sqft | Beautiful Low Budget Home | Small House Design #1

2BHK 662 Sqft  Beautiful Low Budget Home | Small House Design

One of the most important consideration in building a house is the budget, If you have less to spend you can consider this small but beautiful house design. This video will show you house plan layout designed with two bedrooms, living area, dining area, kitchen, sit-out, work area, two toilets (common and attached) and budget estimated in INR ( Indian Rupee). Note : Construction cost is not fixed price, It may vary by time to time, location, materials, labors etc factors. Our cost estimation is done during this video production time and which is the normal construction rate from Kerala, India. If you are interested in this design you can download PDF file ( with dimensions,directions and perimeter) of this house plan from our website for free.

source: https://www.youtube.com/

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